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Types Of Research Paper Formats You Need To Know

Following are some popular types of research paper formats with some hints describing as in what is expected out of them.

Argumentative research paper format: It represents two faces of a controversial issue. Logical facts from both the sides are given as in pros and cons of each argument. Never get confused by favoring one side of the issue more than the other. Research and analysis is thoroughly carried and then both sides of the argument are presented.

Analytical research paper format: Analyze various viewpoints from a factual standpoint and do not have your own opinion or inclination towards the other. Collect information from a variety of resources. Concentrate on your findings and methodology and thereby conclude and suggest framework for future study on the issue.

Definition research papers: These are self-explanatory papers that describe the topic with facts. They are devoid of emotions. The facts are taken from a range of resources. Students who enjoy discussing issues can provide valuable information / framework for argumentative or analytical reports but do comparatively less good on definition research papers.

Compare and Contrast research papers: It’s good for literature courses; example making comparison between two authors, stories from varied genre etc. In Social Sciences two different theoretical viewpoints can be compared. In Philosophy, two philosophical frameworks and in Business Studies, two different leadership styles can be compared. Both the elements should be described succinctly supporting the thesis.

Cause and Effect Papers: These thesis help traces the expected results due to specific action in a logical progression. Such paper format is used in the field of Business and Education. It outlines the predicted results due to action / situation. It also reveals the range of results due to single situation apart from its logical conclusion.

Reports: These are written following a memorandum with a similar business format. Case study situations are outlined in reports only. Short factual sentences are used without highlighting any emotions. For example if a report is asked by a tutor to describe the chief issues from then it will highlight summary of the situation till date, identify chief concerns, include breakdown of elements, recommend chief issues based on the research topic etc. Supporting evidences are given in the form of appendix, tables and graphs etc. Here executive summary takes the place of an abstract.

Interpretive papers: Tutors in Humanities, Social Sciences and Literature write research papers of this type. Usually theoretical knowledge during the course of study is used. For example in literary field a piece of art or a poem is used, business situation is discussed by a management course student and case profile by a Sociology or Psychology student. Supporting data used by student is from established theoretical framework during course of study.

All the above stated variety of formats for research papers seem to be daunting initially but as students work gradually they understand the basic differences among all these papers while showcasing expert information that they have acquired during the course of learning.