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How To Differentiate Between Some Prevalent Types Of Research Papers

Argumentative research paper: Such papers are written on debate topic. In this different opinions on opposite issues are provided. Such papers are written in such a way that the readers are persuaded to favor the writer’s opinion. Emotional vocabulary is used and data and facts are presented with supported viewpoint. Furthermore argument is raised contradicting the opposite party. At My Paper Done you can get help with this and other types of research papers.

Compare and Contrast paper: When students write research papers of this type, they usually take two diverse subjects and write relation between each other citing similarities and dissimilarities. Such papers are written for literary pieces in English courses. The motive of writing such papers is not to persuade the readers but explain the philosophical distinctions with diverse viewpoints in relation to the topics and genres.

Research paper help for writing Cause and Effect thesis: A chain of events or scenarios are used to guide the reader. Appropriate data and information is provided to enhance the validity of the statement. These are not opinion based papers but are supported by quantifiable evidences and strong supported documents. In presence of supporting evidence, the format becomes informational as well as intriguing for the reader.

Research paper help for writing Analytical paper: The chief objective of writing this paper is to reveal a variety of viewpoints without forming any personal opinion. Much possible information is provided to the reader assisting them to draw his own conclusion. Each claim is supported with supplemental documentation. Finally a summary of the facts is provided leaving out the influential statements.

Report Papers: Organized, comprehensive and meticulous list of facts about any topic is provided in the report papers. Furthermore, after choosing the subject and carrying the research evidences are provided via quotes, graphs, interviews and experiments and thus the report is prepared. The major objective of writing report is to persuade and give exhaustive information about the subject. Though length of the report is based on the instructor’s guidelines but usually the writers have the liberty to be creative while writing such projects.

Write research paper with narrative style: It’s like writing a novel using literary techniques and dialogues. Appropriate sensory touch like offering details of touch, smell, tastes, sight and sound keeps the readers engaged throughout. While writing such papers a picture is created in the reader’s mind and all his senses are kept engaged to create a flawless narration.

Persuasive Papers: Such papers persuade or convince the reader offering arguments for the plan in hand. The writer should use appropriate evidence and strong reasons to convince the readers so that they agree with the viewpoint.

However, one thing is common in all the research papers and that is keeping a strict tract of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Delete any clichés and erase unfinished descriptions if any. Do proofreading and rewrite the paper finally before submission.