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Research Students Use One Or The Other Methods Listed Below To Attain Their Qualifying Degree

Descriptive – Qualitative Method: It offers a detailed account of a particular situation or situations; knowledge of which is attained via interviews, reviewing the document or through observations. This method is used when the research student wants to know about people’s challenges, their perceptions and the way people implement any particular program.

Descriptive Quantitative Method: Only those research papers use this method where students can measure the things in the manner they are. For example it is helpful in finding the answers of questions like- How many people attended the workshop? What are the individual characteristics of these people in workshops? How was the performance of these participants while attending the workshops?

Correlational or Regression Analysis: When the quantitative analysis between two or more variables is judged based on the strength of the relationships it is called co relational analysis. For example, judging the teacher’s qualification in respect of the student’s achievement. Such a research paper uses words like correlated with, related to, associated with, less likely than, more likely than etc.

Quasi-Experimental Method: This method is used to compare two groups where one receives the intervention while others do not but both have similar characteristics. In this no random assignment is used. This method analysis if the program causes any momentous differences in participant’s outcomes in contrast to those who did not participate but had same characteristics but did not receive the intervention. These research papers use phrase like “compared with’. In this results are both statistically noteworthy and meaningful.

Experimental Research Method: Students write research papers with experimental research method while using random assignments. Here participants are experimented based on 2 groups where one is the experimental or treatment group and the other is the controlled or comparison group. It finds the answers of questions like- If the program created any significant variation in participant’s results in contrast to the controlled group’s outcomes. The terms like causes, lead to, denotes that, experimental methods etc. has been used. Only those results should be considered meaningful that are statistically important.

Meta- Analysis Methods: This method determines the average impact of same intervention across various studies and synthesis of results from various studies performed. It is the statistical procedure where data are combined from various studies. When the treatment effect and its impact are consistent in studies and increased effect is experienced, Meta-analysis works best.

Surveys: Collecting information from huge groups of people through questionnaires, interviews, and telephones belongs to this category.

Questionnaires: It’s a good way to collect information from huge crowd if people don’t have time to go for the interviews or experiments. Feelings can be stated privately while students write research papers. Multiple choice questions close and open ended questions and attitude scales are used here.

Interviews: Interviews can be face to face or through telephone or Skype. A formal, informal or semi-formal approach is adopted with pre-determined questions.

The research methods are many and can be chosen based on the subject thesis. All what is required is sincerity while carrying the tests so that accuracy can be maintained. Experts from ThesisHelpers have more amazing ideas that will help you with academic papers.