Writing your research paper

Easy tips for students

Perfect Structure of a Research Paper Outline

Check out important elements of any high scaled research paper outline. It includes following segments.

  • Finalizing the topic in relation to research paper outline pattern: Finalize a topic that interests and challenges you. It will provoke you to put in more efforts and that too with enthusiasm. Narrow down your approach. For example if you have chosen term ‘religion’ then narrow it down to ‘world religion’ and then to ‘Buddhism’. Pick the topic that is manageable and not too technical.
  • Collect Information: General or background information can be gathered through web or offline by checking useful URL’s, almanacs, online encyclopedias, guides, reports, magazines, newspapers, vertical files, yellow pages and search engines like significant tools. .Edu, .gov,.org, .net etc are reliable domains. They prevent irrelevant sites and save your time. You can collect printed information from library too.
  • Write thesis statement: Declare your belief in one or two sentences. A strict thesis statement of research paper outline sample not necessarily has to be written in one sentence, but you can break it into two sentences if required. It can be written by voicing” I” for example- “I am going to discuss...” You can also write it by eliminating the “I “element for example “You can do this....
  • Create a tentative Outline: The research paper outline example should relate to the topic written in capital Roman numeral as they are chief headings of Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Such outlines assist you to cover all the points logically and in a sequence.
  • Introduction: It highlights the chief purpose of your research paper. Here cite the important points you want to cover in the research paper outline.
  • Body: Find at least 3 supporting arguments supporting your research paper outline example. Begin with the strongest point first and then in the decreasing order of importance.
  • Conclusion: This section restates the thesis, summarizes the arguments and elucidates the reasons as in why you have come to a particular conclusion.
  • Organizing the notes: Based on the gathered outline, organize the notes and critically analyze the data. Do not include any irrelevant point and keep the information plagiarism free.
  • Write the first draft of research paper outline template: All the topics in the outline should be written in the Roman numeral. Summarize and paraphrase all your note cards or paper in order of outline ex- IA, IB, IC etc. Create meaningful file names with the file codes. You can mark ‘#’ if you want to check back some point later for editing purposes. Delete the symbol once your purpose is solved.
  • Revision of outline and Drafting: Revision is necessary for content errors. Facts and figures should be double checked. Reorganize your errors if necessary. You can use a free online grammar checker or proof reading checker.
  • Type your Final research paper outline template: Your thesis paper should be typewritten or printed on a good quality printed paper following the guidelines suggested by your professor. Finally, paper should be proofread for spellings, punctuations, missing or duplicated words, cleanliness etc.

Submit the paper before the deadline.