Writing your research paper

Easy tips for students

Following Are Different Ways Of Writing A Clear And Focused Research Paper Outline

Outline via sentences: In such outlines, complete sentences are used. They are written in such a way that they cover individual and specific topics in the final paper. Every argument is articulated in a succinct form. The reader going through the sentence outline gets an idea of the final paper in short form. In a research paper each sentence outline corresponds to a paragraph. If the research paper is broken down into various divisions, each sentence should be under a headline.

Research paper help when you outline by topic: Such outlines break the paper into major sections, sub sections and the topics. Arguments are not summarized in the paper instead a list of things are stated with each argument. For example if the topic is “smoking causes cancer”, you may create outline “I. ” as Various links between smoking and cancer”. ”A”. would highlight studies defining the link. ”1. ” Lab Study with specific evidence”. For chief points of the topic- alphanumeric outlines are used and they are shown with Roman Numerals. Sub topics are represented with capital letters. Arabic Numerals are used for writing topics under the sub topic. Furthermore lowercase letters are used for citing particular examples. Decimal outlines are used with numbers. Ex- 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.

Research paper help when you outline by MLA or APA writing style: MLA and APA are the academic styles of academic writing. It is clearly instructed in the instructor’s guidelines as in which writing style needs to be followed while writing the paper.

  • MLA is the Modern Language Association whereas APA is the American Psychological Association format.
  • MLA styles are written with alphanumeric outlines with full sentences. In this thesis is precisely stated at the top of the page.
  • In APA style of writing, everything is same as in MLA style with the difference that writer may choose topics in the form of sentences.
  • APA is used in Social Sciences. while MLA is used in Liberal Arts and Humanities. APA uses page headers at the top of every page. It even includes the headers on the title page. Page numbers are flushed right whereas title of the paper is flushed to the left. Title, author’s name and institutional affiliation is included on the title page. On the other hand MLA style is just the opposite and uses header on the left side and includes authors name, instructors name, course and date in it. The rest of the pages have a header on the right side with last name of author and page number.

Write Research paper outline with Bullet Points: For small size research papers, bullet points suffice the purpose. It is usually used when the length of the paper is less than 1,000 words. Furthermore, your professors may not require any outline in this case. Short topic sentences are used while using the bullet points. While you write a research paper outline on a policy research paper, the bullet points may include headings like 1. Introduction, 2. Economic Scenario, 3. Social Scenario, 4 Political Scenarios and 5 Conclusions.